Welcome to Getting the Science Write!

Here there be dragons… RGMb Dragon proteins, that is. Here, we will be exploring scientific concepts that are the building blocks of Sci-Fi but can also be used to great effect in other genres. Whether you are a writer with an extensive science background, or a writer who once avoided those so-called “hard sciences” like the plague, this site is for you!

Purpose of the blog

This blog is meant to be used as a guide for those wanting to be scientifically accurate, whether in worldbuilding your sci-fi novel, or just trying to spell “ammonium thioglycolate” correctly. It is meant to get you thinking. Every post is here to introduce commonly used science jargon, fundemental concepts in different fields, and how to use said concepts in unique ways.

This blog does not take the place of doing full blown research. That will require a few trips to PubMed and Google Scholar after reading some posts. But each post will have applicable references at the very bottom, so you can save yourself some time by scrolling down to the cited sources!

About the Author

Becca Mellema is an avid writer and a current graduate student, striving for a Ph.D in Microbiology and Immunology. She earned an undergraduate degree of Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology at Whitman College (lovingly known as the BBMB major). She has also professionally tutored students in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Organic Chemistry over the past decade.

She also loves Dungeon Mastering for her Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and dabbles in road cycling, cyclecross and mountain bike racing (when she can).

You can contact Becca through the blog’s email (gettingthesciencewrite@gmail.com) and Instagram (@gettingthescience), or through her personal Twitter (@beccmel2) and Instagram (@beccamellema).

About the Artist

Special thanks to my dear friend and fellow scientist, Deirdre Mack, for creating a fantastic logo! She created so many awesome designs, it was so hard to choose! Thank you Deirdre!